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Scarlet Ohara/Angel Salvia

Scarlet Ohara

I don't know very much about Scarlet Ohara. What I do know is that she's all angel (not half like Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku.) She's older, more serious, and colder (Some say it's because a close friend of hers was killed, and she doesn't want to get close to anyone ever again.) If you haven't yet figured it out, Scarlet Ohara is a baaaaaaad Gone With the Wind joke, and a pun on her red hair.

Angel Salvia, calm, cool, and collected She is also Angel Salvia, the fourth love angel. She shows up later in the series, weilding a big sword. I don't know much more about her than that. Sorry.
Angel Salvia in her wedding dress I think that Scarlet is the prettiest of them all, but as I know the least about her, I don't want to make any firm decisions about her.

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