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Hinagiku Tamano/Angel Daisy

Hinagiku Tamano

Hinagiku Tamano is a second year student at Sei Hanazono Gakuen Junior High, and friends with Momoko and Yuri. She's also in the school newspaper club. Hinagiku is something of a tomboy; she speaks roughly (rudely?), is strong, and is good at judo. (Always a useful skill to have when you're fighting against demons! ^^) Her parents run a flower shop called Flower Tamano. And her name means Daisy of Rarity. Needless to say, I like her.
Angel Daisy's gonna getcha! She is also Angel Daisy, one of the love angels, and the third one to be discovered! She found out when a customer possessed by a demon ran off with a pendant that Hinagiku's father was going to give to her mother for their anniversary. She and Momoko chased after him, and Hinagiku flipped him! (Woo! Way to go! ^^v) But it wasn't over yet...Pluie got back up, Momoko transformed into wedding peach, and they started going at it. Meanwhile, Hinagiku was just wonderng what on earth was going on....Aphrodited appeared to her, and gave her the saint pendule, her magical object, and told her to transform. So she did! And she and Wedding Peach drove the demon from the guy.

Angel Daisy in her dress (My favorite one!)  I like Hinagiku because she's got the kind of attitude I like to think I have. She's not afraid to say what she wants and she's strong. She's not takin' no crap from nobody! Go Angel Daisy! ^^v

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