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Yuri Tanima/Angel Lily

Yuri Tanima

Yuri Tanima is a second year student at Sei Hanazono Gakuen Junior High, and is good friends with Momoko and Hinagiku, and is in the school newspaper club with them. She's polite, sweet, and formal, (Kinda unlike Hinagiku-chan, eh?) Her mother is a wedding dress designer (Gee...isn't that ironic? ^^) Her name means Lily of the Vally.

Angel Lily, lookin' pretty... She is also Angel Lily, the second of the love angels to be found! Yuri's mother was posesssed by a demon, and chasing after Yuri. She was cornered, but her magic item, the saint lip liner appeared in her hand. Aphrodite appeared and told her to transform. And she did, and she helped Wedding Peach save the day.
Angel Lily in her dress I like Angel Lily because she's nice, polite, and she seems to have herself relatively together compared to Momoko. She's also a little more normal looking (and maybe a bit prettier) than the other love angels, except Angel Salvia (In my opinion.)

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