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Wedding Peach Seiyuu

The Seiyuu (From left to right, Kyoko Hikami, Yukana Nogami, and Yuko Miyamura)

I'm not too sure how interesting this is, but it's always good to give credit where credit is due. I'd like to note, however, that I've listed the actors and actresses with their names in North American form (First name, last name.) least, I HOPE I've done that.... ^^;

Hikami Kyoko - She's Momoko Hanasaki/Wedding Peach.

Nogami Yukana - She's Yuri Tanima/Angel Lily.

Miyamura Yuko - She's Hinagiku Tamano/Angel Daisy.

Yuka Imai - She's Scarlet Ohara/Angel Salvia.

Yuuji Ueda - He's Yousuke Fuuma.

Shinichirou Miki - He's Kazuya Yanagiba.

Miwa Matsumoto - She's Jamapi.

Kazuki Yao - He's Pluie.

Also, on what I consider to be an interesting note, the three main voice actresses have formed a band called Furil. They sing the opening and ending themes (And probably other things, too.) If you'd like more info, I highly reccomend that you go to Hitoshi Doi's Wedding Peach page.

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