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The Story of Wedding Peach

Wedding Peach and Jamapi

Aitenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach is a Magical Girls anime to beat all Magical Girls anime. It has the required cute girls in uniforms, and the dark evil forces, and the flashy transformation sequences and attacks. But it's definitely...special.

Momoko Hanasaki, Yuri Tanima, and Hinagiku Tamano are first year Junior High school students in the same school, and all friends. But they're also Wedding Peach, Angel Lily, and Angel Daisy (respectively.) After shouting the required transformation phrases, they fight in the name of love! The Angels recieved their powers from Aphrodite, the queen of the realm of angels.

Of course, what would a story be without villans? The evil Rain Devilla and her devils want to take away all of the love on earth. I think this quote will pretty much explain it all:

"If someone is in love, kill them. If someone is going to get married, kill them. As long as there is love, our hatred will not prevail."

In addition, Rain and her minions are looking for the Saint Something Four, 4 items of great power that they will use in the battle against the realm of angels.

Later on in the series they are joined by Jamapi, a cute little reformed devil, and Angel Saliva.

Wasn't that fun? Now, let's return home.