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Peach Pits

Relaxing on the beach...

Well, this is the page where I stuff everything that I'm not sure where else to put. Come to think of it, there isn't very much of that now. But with any luck, it should add up.

Jump for joy!

I did this page for a school project. I was planning on making a Wedding Peach page for a while now, but this actually gave me a reason to get off my butt and do it! I made all the pages in notepad, but made the tables with some help from Front Page Express. The pictures were made mostly with Adobe Photoshop (Gotta love that makes things look so nice... ^^), but there's the occasional picture I used Paint Shop Pro for.

If you've been looking through this page, you've probably been seeing an awful lot of ^^ and ^^;. If you don't get what those are, they're little smileys (sorta) that are supposed to look like anime-style happy eyes, or happy eyes and sweatdropping. It's a bit difficult to explain...but I'll try to track down some pictures that explain it better.

Had enough? Alright, return home.