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Hello! Welcome, come on in, make yourself at home! I am Pam, the D.I.M.Z.S.K.F. No Miko. (Dimskiff? Dimzikf? Eh, well, it's a crummy acronym...) I came across the Make Your Own Miko page, and I thought it was a neat idea! I spend a considerable amount of time drooling over anime guys... (Kinda sad, huh? -.-;) so I felt it was only right. It was tricky to narrow it down to these 7 guys here...but hey, anyway, without further ado, here they are!

Prince DemandoD is for....Demando. Prince Demando, to be specific. He's from Sailor Moon, and he's the leader of the Black Moon Family. And isn't he cuuuuute? The white hair, the confident air... *giggle* He's got hpynotic powers (which he atempts to use to make Sailor Moon love, I'm a million cuter than she is, and he wouldn't need to use no cruddy hypnosis...)

Isamu DysonI is for....Isamu Dyson, of Macross Plus (And possibly other stuff, cuz I don't really know, cuz my Macross knowledge is limited.) He's a pilot, and...well, I kinda wish I knew more for certain...But isn't he hot? Isn't he? *earnest grin*

MagusM is for....Magus, the blue haired dark wizard from Chrono Trigger. This fella's the reason I've played it through so many times...The hair! The eyes! The all around bad attitude! He's too good to run, he flies. He has a horribly tortured past...oh, and he's got pointy ears. I like guys with pointy ears, did I mention that?

ZagatoZ is for....Zagato, the villan from Magic Knights Rayearth. He's dark and he's a hottie, two of the qualities I look for in a guy! *grin* He's not PARTICULARLY evil, per se, it's a matter of doing what he thinks is best for his love...I don't go into anymore detail than that, it would spoil things.

SephirothS is for....Sephiroth, a hottie with a big sharp sword and some serious issues from Final Fantasy 7. Ooo, he makes me wanna melt...those eyes, those clothes...I've always had a soft spot for guys in dark clothing, you know...There might be a little bit of dealing with those aformentioned issues, but hey, I'm up to a challenge...Besides, just LOOK at him? *silly grin*

KojiroK is for....Kojiro, the handsome blue-haired half of Team Rocket from Pokemon. (or James for those unfamiliar with the original.) Yes, he's not too bright, and he's not that powerful, but he's determined! And he has excellent powers of disguise...he must not have problems coming up with a costume for Haloween or for anime conventions, eh? Heh, just picture him in a Tuxedo Kamen my friend Kelly would say, *DA-ROOL* *giggle*

FerrioF is for....Ferrio, a dashing knight type guy from Magic Knights Rayearth. He shows up at appropriate times to help the Magic Knights out. (Fuu in particular, it seems...) Oh, I wish I had him to come and save me when things got ugly. *pause and ponder* ...well, my life never gets THAT ugly, but if it ever did, I'd want Ferrio to come and help me out!

Useless Stat-type-thingies

Number of guys with white hair: 2 (Demando, Sephiroth)

Number of guys with blue hair: 2 (Magus, Kojiro)

Number of 'bad' guys: 5 (Demando, Magus, Sephiroth, Zagato, Kojiro)

Number of 'good' guys: 2 (Ferrio, Isamu), Isamu -is- a good guy, right?

Number of guys from dubbed anime: 2 (Demando, Kojiro)

Number of guys from Squaresoft games: 2 (Magus, Sephiroth)

...and that about covers it. Wasn't that fun? Eh, well, even if ya didn't like it, it's too late to do anything about it now! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem, anyway, if you'd like to get in touch with me, Pam, send mail to

Pam herself!

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